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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Smart Album

Earlier in this lesson we manually added images to a standard album that we exported via email. To make changes to a standard album, you have to manually add or delete images. Smart Albums, however, are updated dynamically according to metadata criteria that you define. When you change the criteria associated with a particular Smart Album, the contents of the Smart Album change automatically. We will create a Smart Album now that contains all of the five-star images that we want to send to the retailer.

  1. Make sure the Travel folder is selected in the Projects panel and then choose File > New Smart > Album (Command-Shift-L) or click the New Smart Album button on the toolbar.

    A new, untitled Smart Album appears.

  2. Rename the untitled Smart Album Five Star Locations and then press Return.

    The Query HUD appears (with a magnifying glass icon) to the right of the Five Star Locations Smart Album.

    The Query HUD, as mentioned earlier, lets you specify your search criteria.

  3. Make sure the Rating box is checked and that the Rating pop-up menu is set to “greater than or equal to.” Then drag the Rating slider all the way to the right to specify five-star images.
  4. Check the “Ignore stack groupings” box to include selects from the South Beach images that aren’t picks and to remove the stacking only within the Smart Album.
  5. Click the circled X in the upper left corner of the Query HUD to close it.

    The images matching the search criteria appear in the Browser. You can work with these image versions in the same way as you can work with the images in any project or standard album. If you change the search criteria, Aperture will update the Smart Album so that it comprises all the images in the Travel folder that met the new criteria.

    In this lesson you’ve learned how to organize images in folders and albums (both standard and Smart), how to navigate through and select images in the Viewer and Browser, and how to rate images as five-star selects. In the next lesson, we’ll edit some of the images in the Smart Album to clean up a few glaring problems before we post them as a web journal for the retailer to evaluate.

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