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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Exploring the Viewer

The Viewer displays a detailed view of images selected in the Browser so that you can make adjustments, compare images, and inspect images at full resolution. You can set the Viewer to display one image or multiple images at a time, which is especially helpful when you’re rating images. You can select an image to compare others against, and then display other similar or related images next to it for inspection.

Now let’s explore ways to select images and manage the appearance of the Viewer.

  1. Click an empty area of the Browser to deselect all the images, and then press Command-Option-V to maximize the Viewer and reduce the Browser to a single row of thumbnails.
  2. Press Command-A to select all of the images in the Browser.

    Most of the images appear in the Viewer. Images that could not fit are indicated by and n more... in the lower right corner. The number will vary depending on your screen size and resolution.

  3. Press Command-Option-S to change to the Standard layout. Aperture restores the Projects panel and the control bar to the main window, and because we have large number of images in the Viewer, it made the Viewer as large as it could to display as many of the selected images as possible.
  4. Position the cursor between the Viewer and Browser until it changes to a resize icon, and then drag up to make the Browser bigger and the Viewer smaller. The images in both the Browser and the Viewer are scaled accordingly.

    Let’s make a few more adjustments to the layout before we continue rating our images.

  5. Press the W key to hide the Projects panel.
  6. Drag the Thumbnail Resize slider until you can see two rows of thumbnails in the Browser.
  7. Select the image in the lower right corner of the Viewer and then press the right arrow key three or four times.

    When the last image in the Viewer is the primary selection, you can use the arrow keys to change it in this way: As you press the right arrow key, the primary selection changes to the next image in the Browser. Pressing the left arrow key cycles back through the Browser hierarchy, changing the primary selection accordingly.

  8. Click to select the last image in the Browser.
  9. Click the Viewer Mode button on the control bar and choose Main Viewer > Primary from the pop-up menu.

    The Primary Viewer mode displays only the primary selection in the Viewer. You can see the other selected images in the Browser.

  10. Use the arrow keys to navigate to the image DSC_0986 in the Browser and make it your primary selection.

    This is another good shot to send to the fashion retailer, so let’s select it.

  11. Click the Select button in the control bar to tag the new primary selection with a five-star rating.
  12. Click the Viewer Mode button again and choose Main Viewer > Multi to restore all of the selected images in the Viewer.

Now that you know how to navigate through and select images to display in the Viewer, let’s learn some keyboard shortcuts to make it even easier to rate our Uruguay and South Beach images.

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