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Advanced Timeline Topics

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There’s plenty to do in the Timeline Viewer. You can string together multiple videos, audio clips, and still images, and do some basic editing. Encore DVD gives your projects up to eight audio tracks. You can import or create up to 32 subtitle tracks and add closed captions (NTSC projects only). Encore DVD lets you place those subtitles anywhere on the screen and apply appearance attributes to them.

Topics covered in this lesson:

  • Arranging and trimming clips in the Timeline Viewer.
  • Working with audio in the Timeline Viewer.
  • Adding subtitles to your project.
  • Editing subtitle attributes.
  • Adding closed captions.

Getting Started

The Timeline Viewer is more than a repository for single video clips. You can edit together multiple audio/video clips, still images, or a combination of the two. This is a great way to save time and make your menu designs go smoothly. You can perform rudimentary editing in the Timeline Viewer, including trimming or lengthening clips, adding and removing clips, and rearranging them.

Encore DVD allows up to eight audio tracks for your timelines. The typical use for those extra tracks in feature films on DVDs is for multiple language dubs. You might also consider using those tracks for director comments or teacher notes. Viewers can access them via a menu or using buttons on their remotes.

Subtitles are also standard features for Hollywood films on DVDs. Encore DVD projects can have up to 32 subtitle tracks and the subtitles can go beyond simple text. The program works with specialized graphic subtitle files as well. Besides the expected use as foreign language translations, subtitles can be used in instructional DVDs, for example, to display quiz answers.

You can import subtitle files or input them manually. In most cases you can adjust the color, size, and position of subtitles on the screen. In this lesson you will add subtitles using three methods. Then you will edit their appearance and other attributes.

Finally, you’ll check out a feature that’s new to version 2.0 of Encore DVD: the ability to add closed captions (NTSC projects only).

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