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Review Questions

  1. How do you remove a clip from a timeline without leaving a gap?
  2. If an audio and its associated video clip are not lined up in a timeline, how do you get them in sync?
  3. What are two ways to add audio tracks?
  4. What’s the basic difference between Text and Image subtitle files?
  5. Why is it that the colors used in Image subtitle file graphics are not necessarily the colors that will show up in your project’s subtitles?
  6. How do you create a custom color set for a timeline?

Review Answers

  1. Right-click on the clip and choose Ripple Delete.
  2. Drag the audio clip so that it’s approximately in line with the video clip. Then move the CTI to the first frame of the video clip (use the Page Up or Page Down keyboard shortcuts), expand the view of the timeline (equal key shortcut) then drag the audio clip so it snaps to the CTI.
  3. Here are three ways: right-click in the track area of the Timeline Viewer and choose Add Audio Track, drag an audio clip below the existing audio tracks and Encore DVD will automatically add an audio track, or choose Timeline > Add Audio Track.
  4. You can edit Text file subtitles (change text, font, size, and screen location). You cannot move or change the text styles of Image subtitles. The advantage of Image subtitle files is that you can create the exact look and screen location you want with no need to tweak those parameters later, and you can use non-text elements.
  5. Encore DVD maps subtitle display colors to the colors in your subtitle graphic files. Think of the Image subtitle file colors as placeholders for the color you’ll select from the Timeline Color Set and map to the colors used in the graphic files.
  6. Open the Timeline Color Set, change the color parameters for one or more Subtitle Groups, then click New color set and give your custom color set a name. Export that set for use in other projects by clicking the Export to color set file button.
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