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Pod’s Theme: iPod Essentials

This chapter is from the book

arrow.gif I originally had the idea that I would name the previous chapter “The Outside” because it would cover everything you do on the outside of your iPod (like charging the iPod, connecting it to your computer, and using all of the buttons that appear on the outside of your iPod. Makes sense, right?). Then, I would follow up by calling this chapter “The Inside,” because we’d touch on all the stuff that appears onscreen—so basically the stuff that controls the inside of your iPod. It seemed like a brilliant plan, until I realized that the idea absolutely stinks. That’s because when people looked through the book’s Table of Contents, what would chapter subtitles like “Inside” and “Outside” mean to them? Nothing. Couple that with a chapter title like “The Outsiders” (for the 1960s band), and then it would look like this: “Chapter 2: The Outsiders: Outside.” See, it just stinks. Now, if it said “The Outsiders,” and then it said, “How to Work the Stuff on the Outside of Your iPod,” that certainly would help. Okay, could you please just close your eyes for a moment while I talk to my editor? (Dear Editor: Is it too late to change the previous chapter’s name to “The Outsiders”? It’s not? Great!) Okay, now open your eyes. Hey, good news! We’re going to go with “The Outsiders” for that chapter name after all. But for this chapter, on what happens on the inside—I’m stuck. How about “Pod’s Theme” by Lesion? Easy enough—let’s go with that (am I saying this stuff out loud?).

Customizing the Main Menu

Unless you’ve got an “oldPod” (one of those 2001 jobs), you can customize your Main Menu so the features you use most are right there at the top level (reducing your need to dig down through menus). Here’s how to customize yours: Start at the Main Menu and scroll down to Settings using the Click Wheel. Press the center Select button, then scroll down to Main Menu and press Select again to see a list of menu items. You can choose which ones you want to appear in your Main Menu by toggling them On or Off using the center Select button.

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