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Saving Your Ears from Volume Abuse

Has this ever happened to you—you’re walking down the street listening to your iPod, and a song comes on that’s so loud you have to rip the earbuds out of your ears just to keep from blacking out? Thought so. That’s because the recorded volume of songs can vary greatly from song to song. Luckily, there’s a feature called Sound Check that can come to your rescue. Sound Check automatically balances the volume between songs so you don’t suddenly get your ears blasted right off your head. However, this ear-saving feature is turned off by default—you have to go turn it on. Here’s how: Go to the Main Menu, scroll down to Settings using the Click Wheel, and press the center Select button. Scroll down to Sound Check and press the Select button to turn it on, which will bring peace and balance to your world (ah, if it were only that easy).

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