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Using Your iPod as a Watch

Besides playing music, being your individual PDA, and perhaps even running slideshows, your iPod can also function as a clock—and it can even display the current time while you’re playing songs. Your first step, of course, is to set the current time. Start at the Main Menu, select Settings using the Click Wheel, and click the center Select button. From the Settings menu, choose Date & Time, then slide around the Click Wheel to set the current time zone, time, and date (you can move from field to field by pressing the center Select button). Once you’ve set your time, you can have your iPod display the current time while you’re playing a song, so press the Menu button to get back to the main Date & Time menu. Then, where it says Time in Title, press the Select button to set it to On. Now the current time will appear up in your title bar when playing a song.

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