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Setting an Alarm

Want to make sure you get to traffic court on time? Use your iPod’s alarm function. Start at the Main Menu, scroll down to Extras, and press the center Select button. Then choose Clock. In the Clock menu, choose Alarm Clock and then press the center Select button to turn on the alarm. Okay, now your iPod’s alarm will sound—you just don’t know when. So set the time you’d like your iPod to “go off.” Scroll down to the Time menu and choose the time when you want the alarm to sound by sliding around the Click Wheel until the screen displays the time you want (this may take a bit of spinning around that dial, so be patient). Okay, your alarm is set. At the time you specified, your iPod will “alarm you” with a beep. By the way, besides just an annoying “beep” you can have your iPod wake you gently with music (or abruptly with music, depending on which song you choose). To do this, in the Alarm Clock menu scroll down to Sound and from that menu choose the playlist and song you want to wake to. (Keep in mind that songs won’t be heard unless you have your iPod connected to speakers, though the beep sound will be audible.)

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