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Turning Off the Click Sound

Every time you do something on your iPod (click a button, scroll the Click Wheel, etc.), your iPod makes a “click” sound. This is basically audio feedback so you know “things are happening” when you press something. As well-designed as this is, it does tend to drive some people mad (you know who you are). Plus, there are instances in which you don’t want anyone to hear those clicks, lest they realize that you’re playing with your iPod, when you should be watching the console at the nuclear power plant. So, if you’d prefer “the silence of the Pod,” you can stop those click sounds by starting at the Main Menu, then scrolling down to Settings, pressing the center Select button, and inside the Settings menu, choosing Clicker. Now press the center Select button until the option changes to Off. By the way, while you’re there you can also designate that the clicks are only audible when you have headphones on; when your iPod is connected to speakers; or you can choose both—all from the same menu.

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