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Listening to Audiobooks on Your iPod

The next time you’re taking a trip, you might want to consider taking along a few audiobooks (spoken-word recordings of printed books). These are rapidly growing in popularity, and not only is the iPod designed to play audiobooks, but the iTunes Music Store also sells them. (The iPod also supports audiobooks downloaded from To find the ITMS audiobook selection, just go to the ITMS homepage and click on the Audiobooks link along the left side. If you find a title you like, and download it, when you update your iPod you’ll find your audiobook by starting at the Main Menu, choosing Music, and pressing the center Select button. Then scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you’ll find Audiobooks. Click the center Select button again, and your newly downloaded audiobook will appear there. Also, in case you were wondering—when you stop listening to an audiobook, your iPod notes the spot where you stopped, so when you go back to it at a later date, it picks up right where you left off (kind of like a digital bookmark). Better yet, this feature also works in iTunes and in your iPod—even when you sync them, they update each other, keeping track of where you left off.

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