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Rating Your Favorites

Even though you probably have hundreds (maybe thousands) of songs on your iPod, they’re not all “your favorite song.” Obviously, you like some better than others, and choosing which ones you like best (rating them from one to five stars) can be very helpful in making sure you hear your favorites more often. That’s because once you’ve rated your songs, you can sort them so that your favorites (five stars) play first, then your next favorites (four stars), and so on. (Better yet, you can create Smart Playlists of only your four- and five-star songs—a playlist of just your highest-rated songs, but more on that in Chapter 8!) You can rate your songs in iTunes, or right from your iPod while they’re playing. Just press the center Select button three times and the stars-rating window will appear. Just scroll the Click Wheel clockwise to add stars—and counterclockwise to take them away.

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