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How to “Scrub” through the Current Song

Apple borrowed the concept of “scrubbing” from the world of digital video editing, and what it lets you do is quickly jump ahead (or back) to any point in the song while the song is playing. To scrub (while a song is playing), press the Select button once then slide your finger clockwise around the Click Wheel to scrub forward, counterclockwise to scrub backward. A progress bar appears onscreen to give you a visual cue as to where you are in the song (closer to the end, closer to the beginning, in the middle, etc.). When you remove your finger from the Click Wheel—the song starts playing from that point. (Note: This feature works differently for an iPod photo. Pressing the Select button only once will show the album art full-screen. You’ll have to turn off the album art feature in iTunes to scrub through songs on your iPod photo.)

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