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Viewing Pictures

Having more colorful menus and a Solitaire game that's finally worth playing are all well and good, but you probably dropped five or six C-notes so you could view pictures on your iPod. Doing so couldn't be much easier:

  1. Select Photos in the iPod's main screen, and press Select.
  2. Choose an album from the list that appears in the Photos screen. If you don't see any albums listed, you need to use iTunes to export some pictures to the iPod.
  3. Press Select to move to a thumbnail view of your pictures. The thumbnail view presents you with a five-by-five grid of pictures representing the contents of your photo album. A scroll bar to the right of the window appears if you have more pictures than will fit on a single screen.
  4. Use the click wheel to select a picture. Running your thumb up or down the click wheel moves you forward or back through the thumbnails. You can move through the thumbnails pretty quickly with very little movement of your digit.
  5. With the proper picture selected, press the Select button. And there's your picture.
  6. Use the Forward and Back buttons or click wheel to advance and retreat. Pressing Forward presents you with a full-screen view of the next image. Back moves you back one screen to the previous image. You can also rotate your thumb around the click wheel to move from picture to picture.

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