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Preflighting a PDF

Preflight is a wonderful tool in Acrobat that lets you check your file before sending it out to a printer. Preflight checks the PDF document for any issues or problems, such as two different color spaces (RGB and CMYK) or missing fonts, and lets you fix the files before you run into problems at the service bureau. Choose from preset Preflight profiles (which dictate the specific criteria that a PDF must conform to) such as Digital Press (B/W), Digital Press (color), Magazine Ads, Newspaper Ads, Acrobat Compatibility, and more. Or you can create your own profile for analyzing the file.

To run Preflight on a PDF

  1. Choose Advanced > Preflight ( Figure 3.4 ).

    Figure 3.4 Use Preflight to check your document before sending it to the service bureau.

    This launches the Preflight dialog box.
  2. Click on a profile to read about its purpose below the profile box ( Figure 3.5 ) and choose the best profile for your document.

    Figure 3.5 Choose a default Profile.

  3. Click Execute to start the file analysis.
  4. Preflight shows the Results of the file listed in the dialog box ( Figure 3.6 ).

    Figure 3.6 The Results area shows the problems in the file.

    With the error information, you can decide what must be changed or left before sending the document out. For example, if you discover RGB images in a file intended for a press, you would need to open those images in an editing program and convert the images to CMYK. Other options you have under Preflight are to create a report from the Preflight file (so that you can pass along the information to someone else), insert Preflight results as Comments (which makes it easier to see the specific elements that are causing trouble on a page), and Edit the Preflight profiles (which you use when you know what you want the preflight mechanism to look for).
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