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Locking a Computer

Curtain mode is similar to the Lock Screen command, which was available in previous versions of Apple Remote Desktop and is still included in version 3. Locking a computer prevents the user from being able to interact with it and displays a padlock with a message from the administrator (you are asked to supply the message when you lock the screen). This can be used for management of the computer or to simply keep a user from accessing the computer (often after you have noticed something inappropriate being done on the computer).

As with curtain mode, you can continue to control a computer that is locked. The one major difference between the two is that curtain mode is designed for controlling a computer; after you stop controlling it, access to the computer is restored. When a screen is locked, you must unlock it before the computer can be used again. Because curtain mode is supported only by computers with Mac OS X 10.4 installed, screen locking provides an option for earlier Mac OS X versions.

To lock or unlock a computer screen, select the computer(s) from a computer list, multiple observe window, or user message list (we’ll get to both multiple observe windows and user messages shortly) and select Lock Screen or Unlock Screen from the Interact menu.

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