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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Check out the new age of Stock Photography

If you’ve avoided stock photography in the past because you thought it looked like stock photography, take another look. The advent of digital layout and design has created an explosion of available images that is stunning in its diversity, not to mention the ease, convenience, and affordability of searching for and acquiring stock images.

If you’ve never heard of or used stock photos in the past, they are simply photographs, generally fairly generic sorts of scenes, shot by professionals, that are then sold to you and anyone else who wants to buy them. It is much less expensive and much faster to buy a stock photo than to hire your own photographer and models and have the shot made.

A huge variety of styles, themes, and subject matter is available. You can buy a single image, a single CD full of images, or a bundle of CDs with more photos than you’ll ever be able to use.

Are you one of those who can remember ordering a stock photo, then waiting for days for it to arrive by mail, and then having to send it back when you were finished with it? If you don’t remember that, consider yourself lucky and start using stock photos. A list of current suppliers is on page 44.

Gather ideas from photos

You can also use stock photos as an idea resource. Browse through the image CDs you own, or go online and (for free) see what ideas and concepts you can relate to your own design projects. You’d be surprised how many ideas start appearing. A photograph may give you an idea that leads to a solution that doesn’t even need a photo.

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