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Opening Files and Applications

One of the options for the Copy Items command is to open items after copying. This is useful for deploying items, but if users are actively using a computer, you might not want to immediately open an installer application. For this and other situations, Remote Desktop includes commands to open specific files or applications on remote computers. These commands will launch an application or open an item while you are not actively controlling the computer. As such, they can be useful for launching installers that do not require user interaction or for launching utilities, Automator workflows, or other items that can perform various tasks on the computer without requiring user interaction.

These features can also be useful in educational or instructional settings in which a teacher or presenter wants to ensure that specific applications are running, or specific items are open and available as soon as students arrive for a class or return from a break. They can also be useful if an instructor realizes that a student has not opened a specific item.

To open items remotely, select the target computers and then choose either Open Application or Open Items from the Manage menu. In the Open Application task dialog box, you will see a list of all applications that Remote Desktop can locate on the computer on which it is running. Select the application and click the Open button to open it on the remote computers (you use the Save or Schedule buttons for later use). If you don’t see the application in the list, you can click the plus sign button beneath the list to search for it using a standard Open File dialog box.

The Open Items task dialog box includes a listbox for files or folders to be opened. You can either drag the items to the listbox from the Finder or you can use the plus sign button to locate them using a standard Open File dialog box. You can remove items from the list by selecting them and clicking the minus button. Again, click the Open button to open the selected items on the target computers.

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