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Complete the Insert Flash Video Dialog Box for Streaming Video

Selecting Streaming Video from the Video Type pop-up menu shows many of the same options covered previously and a few different ones (see Figure 5).

Figure 5

Figure 5 Insert Flash Video dialog box for streaming video

Server URI specifies the server name, application name, and instance name in this form: rtmp://

Stream Name specifies the name of the FLV file that you want to play (for example, myvideo.flv). The .flv extension is optional.

Live Video Feed specifies whether the Flash video content is live. If this option is selected, Flash Player will play a live video feed streamed from Flash Communication Server. The name of the live video feed is the name specified in the Stream Name text box.

Buffer Time specifies the time, in seconds, required for buffering before the video starts playing. The default buffer time is set to 0 so that the video starts playing immediately after the Play button is clicked. (If Auto Play is selected, the video starts playing as soon as a connection is made with the server.) However, the Dreamweaver documentation suggests setting a buffer time if you are delivering video that has a higher bit rate than the site visitor’s connection speed or when Internet traffic might cause bandwidth or connectivity problems. If you want to send 10 seconds of video to the web page before it starts to play the video, set the buffer time to 10.

Click OK to close the dialog box and apply your settings.

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