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FLVPlayback component (

The FLVPlayback component enables you to quickly and easily add Flash video and MP3 playback controls to your Flash projects (see Figure 1) while providing a richer feature set than the components available in previous versions of Flash. Using this component, you can play video delivered by progressive streaming video over HTTP, from a Flash Video Streaming Service (FVSS), or from Flash Communication Server (FCS).

The FLVPlayback component does all of the following:

  • Provides a set of prefabricated skins with which to customize playback controls and the look and feel of the user interface.
  • Enables advanced users to create their own custom skins (see Figure 4).
  • Provides cue points that you can use to synchronize your video with the animation, text, and graphics within your Flash application.
  • Provides a live preview of customizations.
  • Maintains a reasonably sized SWF file for easy download.
Figure 4

Figure 4 An FLVPlayback component that has been customized using standard Flash graphic editing tools.

The FLVPlayback component is a combination of the display area, or video player, in which you view the FLV file, and the controls that enable you to operate it (FLVPlayback Custom UI components).

The FLVPlayback Custom UI components provide control buttons and mechanisms that you can use to play, stop, pause, and otherwise control the FLV file (see Figure 5). These controls include the BackButton, BufferingBar, ForwardButton, MuteButton, PauseButton, PlayButton, PlayPauseButton, SeekBar, StopButton, and VolumeBar. In addition, separate PlayPauseButton, SeekBar, and StopButtons can be dragged onto the Stage and customized individually.

Figure 5

Figure 5 FLVPlayback Custom UI components

The process of adding playback controls to the FLVPlayback component is called skinning. The FLVPlayback component has an initial default skin, ClearOverPlaySeekMute.swf, but it is easy to change this skin using any of the following options:

  • Select from a collection of predesigned skins.
  • Select individual controls from the FLVPlayback Custom UI components and customize them.
  • Create a custom skin and add it to the collection of predesigned skins.

After you select a different skin, the selected skin becomes the new default skin.

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