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Inside iTunes 7

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iPod Interface

Finally, what might be the most useful new feature in iTunes 7 is the new iPod interface, shown in Figure 5. Although most of the functionality isn’t new, the interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly. In previous versions of iTunes, when an iPod was selected, it would display all songs synced to it, much like selecting your music library or a playlist. Managing the settings for an iPod was done using the iTunes Preferences dialog box. In iTunes 7, selecting the iPod displays a new management interface that enables you to configure most iPod settings, easily view the storage use of the iPod, perform updates, and control how and what content is copied to the iPod.

Figure 5

Figure 5 New iPod interface in iTunes 7

If you’ve ever hesitated about what content to sync to your iPod (or decided that the only good approach for you was to either sync everything or to manage content manually), this new interface will change the way you manage your music and other content. It’s particularly useful for an iPod Nano or other smaller-capacity iPod when you have a large library of music, podcasts, and photos because the interface not only enables you to easily choose specific items to sync (and to easily make changes each time you connect your iPod) but it also provides up-front details about how much space each item is taking up on your iPod. It also provides a more intuitive approach to the way movies, podcasts, and TV shows are synced based on their age and whether or not you’ve watched them.

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