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Embedding Cue Points

Defining and embedding cue points into a video clip is a very straightforward process:

  1. From the Encoding panel of the Video Import Wizard, click Show Advanced Settings (see Figure 2).
    Figure 2

    Figure 2 Encoding panel of the Flash Video Import Wizard

  2. Click the Cue Points tab (see Figure 3).

    The Cue Points settings are displayed.

    Figure 3

    Figure 3 Cue Points tab

  3. Use the playback head to locate a specific frame in the video in which you want to embed a cue point. For greater precision, select the playback head and use the left and right arrow keys to locate specific points within the video.

    The video preview window enables you to visually identify points in the video at which to insert a cue point. You can also use the elapsed time counter (located beneath the video preview window) to locate specific points in time at which to embed cue points.

    Figure 4

    Figure 4 Locating a specific frame in the clip to add a cue point

  4. When the playback head is positioned on the desired frame, click the Add Cue Point button (see Figure 5).
    Figure 5

    Figure 5 Adding a cue point to the cue list

    Flash then embeds a cue point on that frame of the video and then populates the cue point list with a placeholder for the name of the new cue point and the elapsed time and video frame at which the cue point is located. This will be the time during playback when the event will be triggered. Flash also displays a pop-up menu that enables you to select the type of cue point to embed.

    Event cue points are used to trigger ActionScript methods when the cue point is reached. Event cue points enable you to synchronize the video playback to other events within the Flash presentation.

    Navigation cue points are used for navigation and seeking and can also trigger ActionScript methods when the cue point is reached. Embedding a navigation cue point inserts a keyframe at that point in the video clip.

    Notice that a cue point marker is displayed on the slider control at the point where the cue point was embedded. You can use the cue point marker to adjust the placement of the cue point.

  5. Enter parameters for the selected cue point (see Figure 5).

    The parameters are passed to the cue point event handler as members of the single parameter object.

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