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EyeTV Interface

The EyeTV interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. The EyeTV window (shown in Figure 1) displays all recordings, schedules, live TV channels, and the program guide. You can view live TV by double-clicking a channel after selecting Channels in the Categories list, which displays the selected channel in a separate window (which can be resized or set for full-screen display).

Figure 1

Figure 1 EyeTV programs window

You can use the online program guide to either browse by date and time or you can use the search box to locate specific shows. Searches will display results of your query from the program name, episode title, and description. If you are looking for specific shows or actor appearances, this is a very handy feature. Clicking on a program will display additional information as well as a button to add it to your recording schedule.

You can view, edit, and remove scheduled recordings from the Schedules pane. When editing schedules, you can change the default time for the recording, enter a custom title or description (otherwise the information listed in the program guide will be used), and set up repeating schedules for weekly or daily shows.

The Recordings pane lists all your saved programs. You can play the recordings from this pane, view additional information about them, or convert them to a file capable of being loaded into your iTunes library and a video iPod for permanent storage. If you have Roxio’s Toast installed, you can also burn them to DVD with a single button.

There is also an onscreen controller window that you can use or not use. This window, shown in Figure 2, is designed to resemble a traditional TV remote. If you want to flip channels as you would with a TV rather than using the program or channel guides, this window provides an easy option.

Figure 2

Figure 2 EyeTV live TV and controller windows

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