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Managing Footage

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Viewing Safe Zones and Grids

You can superimpose a grid or video-safe zones over an image to better judge its placement. Obviously, these simple visual guides aren't included in the final output. In addition, because video-safe zones indicate the viewable area of standard video monitors, you should display safe zones for images that match television's 4:3 aspect ratio. For more about the safe zones, see the sidebar "Better Safe than Sorry: Video Title- and Action-Safe Zones."

To show video-safe zones and grids:

  • In the Footage panel's Grid and Guides pulldown menu vwr_guides.jpg choose the options you want (Figure 3.60):

    Title/Action Safe (Figure 3.61)

    Proportional Grid ( Figure 3.62)

    Grid (Figure 3.63)

    You can display any combination of zones and guides at the same time.

Figure 3.60

Figure 3.60 Choose whether you want to view safe zones or grids in the Grids and Guides pull-down menu.

Figure 3.61

Figure 3.61 You can view Title Safe and Action Safe zones...

Figure 3.62

Figure 3.62 ...a proportional grid...

Figure 3.63

Figure 3.63 ...or a standard grid.

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