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Managing Footage

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Opening Footage in the Original Application

As you know, After Effects works with references to source files, not with the files themselves. Sometimes, however, you'll want to make a permanent change to a source file after you've imported it into After Effects. Luckily, you don't have to quit After Effects to do so. After Effects provides an easy way to open the file in the application in which it was created. Of course, the application must be present on your hard drive, and you must have enough available RAM to open both applications simultaneously. After you edit the footage in the original application, every instance of the footage in your After Effects project will reflect your changes.

To open a footage item in the original application:

  1. In the Project panel, Composition panel, or Timeline panel, select the footage item or layer containing the footage you want to edit (Figure 3.47).

    Figure 3.47

    Figure 3.47 Select the footage you want to edit in the Project, Composition, or Timeline panel...

    To open an image in a still-image sequence, select the footage in the Composition or Timeline panel, and position the current time indicator at the frame that displays the still image you want to use (Figure 3.48).

    Figure 3.48

    Figure 3.48 ...or set the current time to the frame of the still image sequence.

  2. Choose Edit > Edit Original, or press Command-E (Mac) or Ctrl-E (Windows) (Figure 3.49).

    Figure 3.49

    Figure 3.49 Choose Edit > Edit Original, or press Command-E (Mac) or Ctrl-E (Windows) to open the file in its original application.

    After Effects launches the application in which the file was created.

  3. Edit the file in the original application, and save the changes. If you don't plan to make further changes, quit the application.
  4. Return to After Effects, and continue working on your project.

    Every instance of the footage in your project reflects the changes you saved in the original application.

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