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Customizing the Keyboard

The Avid command palette lets you map functions or commands to the Avid keyboard. Final Cut Pro can also map commands to the keyboard using its Keyboard Layout tool. Some 600 functions can be mapped to the FCP keyboard. In addition, you can export or import your customized keyboard layout to use on another computer.

To Map FCP Commands to the Keyboard

  1. Choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Customize, or press Option-H.
  2. In the lower-left corner, click the Lock button to unlock the keyboard.
  3. Determine the key location for the new command and, if necessary, click the appropriate modifier tab to go to that location.
  4. In the button list, find the command you want to map by doing one of the following:
    • Type the function or command in the search field.
    • Scroll through the button list and click one of the main topics to reveal the sublist of commands. Commands are grouped both by pulldown-menu location and by function type.
  5. To map a command to a button, do one of the following:
    • With the desired modifier tab selected, drag the command from the button list to a specific key.
    • Select the command in the button list and press the key combination you would like to use for that command. The shortcut will appear along with the command.

To Export or Import a Keyboard Layout

You can export or import a customized keyboard layout. For practice, you can make changes to the existing default keyboard, and export it. Or you can import a preconfigured Avid to FCP keyboard layout, which is on this book's DVD. Read the Read Me file on the DVD before importing. Keep in mind, this book follows FCP's default keyboard layout.

  1. Hide FCP by pressing Cmd-H and insert the DVD from this book. Locate the Avid to FCP Keyboard Layouts folder.
  2. In a Finder window, navigate to Macintosh > Users > User Name > Library > Preferences > Final Cut Pro User Data > Keyboard Layouts.
  3. Drag the Avid Media Composer file into the Keyboard Layouts folder.
  4. In FCP, choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Import, and select the Avid Media Composer file.
  5. Make whatever changes you like to this layout and then choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Export, and save it using a different name.
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