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Utilizing the Bin Text View

Like Avid, Final Cut Pro gives you a lot of flexibility in sorting bin information, but its bin structure has some important differences. In FCP, bins act like folders in the Finder: You can put bins inside other bins and organize your material into subcategories or any way you like. You can also make label changes to groups of clips or bins at one time. Avid's text view is called View as List in FCP, and this display has over 40 potential column headings of information, which can be configured to your own preference.

To Customize a Bin in Text View

  1. Make sure you are viewing the contents of the bin as a list, not by icons. To do this, Ctrl-click the Browser's gray area under the Name column and choose View as List from the contextual menu.
  2. Click the disclosure triangle next to the bin whose contents you want to view, then enlarge the Browser window by clicking the Zoom button in the upper-left corner. You can also drag the lower-right corner of the window down and out.
  3. Do any one of the following:
    • To move a column, drag the column heading to a new location.
    • To change how the elements in the bin are sorted, click a new column heading.
    • To reverse the sort from ascending to descending values on any column, simply click the column heading.
    • To add a second sorting parameter, Shift-click a different column heading. You can repeat this step to add additional sorting parameters.
    • To enter log notes or comments, type notes directly in the column field for that item.
    • To hide, edit, save, or restore a column layout, Ctrl-click a column heading and choose the appropriate option. Column layouts are saved in the Final Cut Pro User Data folder.
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