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What You've Learned

  • Final Cut Pro attaches settings to each sequence and capture operation, whereas Avid attaches similar settings to projects.
  • Easy Setup allows you to choose a preset configuration that matches the specific standard and format of your captured video clips.
  • You can modify an existing Easy Setup preset in the Audio/Video Settings window.
  • You set personal editing preferences in the User Preferences window.
  • You choose scratch disks and other system settings in the System Settings window.
  • In the Sequence Settings window, you can change attributes, such as Timeline options and render settings, for an existing sequence.
  • The Item Properties window displays all of the known information—such as a clip, sequence, graphic file, and so on—about a selected item.
  • You resize the interface windows dynamically by dragging on a window's boundary.
  • You resize a Timeline track dynamically by dragging its boundary line in the Timeline track area.
  • Holding Shift as you drag a track boundary in the Timeline adjusts all audio and video tracks as a group. Holding Option adjusts only the audio or video tracks, depending on which type of track you are dragging.
  • There are four preset interface layouts, and you can set your own as a custom layout. You can also save a custom track layout in the Timeline. Any saved layout can be transferred to and used on another computer.
  • There are about 600 mappable functions you can assign to create a customized keyboard layout. You can also map button commands to any of the four interface window button bars. Both the button bar layout and customized keyboard layouts can be saved.
  • Similar to Avid's Text view, the Browser's View as List option displays over 40 columns of information and enables you to move columns, choose sort parameters, and type log notes directly in certain column fields.
  • Choose the Browser Label column to change the color of a clip, or Ctrl-click the clip in the Name column and choose Label plus the color or category.
  • FCP's View as Icons mode is similar to Avid's Frame mode.
  • Adding the Browser Thumbnail column simulates Avid's Script mode.
  • You can reset poster frames in your clip thumbnails.
  • In storyboard editing, FCP enables you to bring the group of clips directly into the Timeline or to the Canvas.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Opens the Easy Setup window


Opens the Audio/Video Settings window


Opens the User Preferences window


Opens the System Settings window

Cmd-0 (zero)

Opens the Sequence Settings window


Opens the Item Properties window


Recalls Custom Layout 1


Recalls Custom Layout 2


Resets the Standard window layout


Brings up the list of saved layouts


Brings up the Keyboard Layout/Button List window


Brings up the stand-alone button list


Selects the Scrub tool


On a clip's thumbnail image in a bin, scrubs the clip


Sets a new poster frame in a clip in the Viewer at the playhead location

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