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Changing Audio/Video Settings

If the settings you want are not included in the Easy Setup preset options, or if you want to modify an existing Easy Setup preset, you can do so in the Audio/Video Settings window. Again, making changes to the Audio/Video settings won't affect any existing sequences.

To Use the Audio/Video Settings Window

  1. Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings, or press Option-Cmd-Q.

    The different Audio/Video Settings tabs are the same settings that appear in the Easy Setup window. But here, you can create a new preset or make changes to an existing preset by duplicating and then changing it, using the Duplicate button found on the individual tabs. These new or changed presets will appear in the Easy Setup presets list.

  2. Click each of the tabs to view their options.

    Summary Displays a summary of the other four tabs' settings.

    Sequence Preset Displays a list of Sequence Presets as well as a summary of the different parameters (frame rate, audio sample rate, aspect ratio, and so on) that comprise the currently selected preset. Presets may be duplicated and modified from this tab so they can be easily selected in the Summary tab or selected as an Easy Setup preset.

    Capture Preset Defines the format from which you will capture.

    Device Control Preset Displays the settings for FireWire or any noncontrollable device, such as a camera. If you are working with a capture card or an RS422 source, it will appear here as an option.

    A/V Devices Selects a setup if you are using an external video monitor.

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