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Changing Sequence Settings

As long as you select the appropriate Easy Setup option to match the attributes of the source material you have digitized or recorded, your editing will run smoothly. However, there may be times when you need to change your sequence settings as you are editing, and doing so is quite simple.

Changes made to an existing sequence won't affect any new sequences you create. All new sequences follow whatever preset option and settings you chose in the Easy Setup and User Preferences windows.

To Change Settings to an Existing Sequence

  1. Select the sequence you want to change in either the Browser or Timeline.
  2. Press Cmd-0 (zero) to open the Sequence Settings window.
  3. Click the different tabs to view the following options:

    General Change the selected sequence's frame size, aspect ratio, field dominance, sampling rate, and so on.

    Video Processing Define how FCP processes the video, whether you are working with DV or 10-bit, superwhite (DV), or white (broadcast levels).

    Timeline Options Modify the Timeline settings, track height, thumbnail display, number of tracks, and so on. This is where you set the starting timecode for a sequence. You can access several of these options directly in the Timeline window.

    Render Control Determine what will be rendered, and how. Again, there are other ways you will control your render options.

    Audio Outputs Here you can load an audio output preset you set up in the User Preferences.

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