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Viewing Item Properties

In Final Cut Pro, it's very important that the sequence settings match the format of your primary footage. If you don't set up your sequence to match your clips, you will have to render a clip in the sequence to play it. If you aren't sure whether your sequence settings match a captured clip's settings, you can refer to a clip's settings, or simply drag a clip into the Timeline. If a red render bar appears, the settings don't match. (Rendering is discussed in Chapter 8.)

An aid to matching settings is the Item Properties window, where all of the information about a selected item—such as a clip, sequence, graphic file, and so on—is displayed. In Avid, you may be used to peeking at clip info by highlighting a segment and pressing Cmd-I. In FCP, select a clip or sequence and press Cmd-9 for a very rich display of item properties.

To Open the Item Properties Window

  1. Identify the clip or item you want to view by selecting it in the Browser, opening it in the Viewer, or parking the playhead over it in the Timeline.
  2. Choose Edit > Item Properties, and choose an option from the Item Properties submenu. Or press Cmd-9 and click the tab you want to view.

    The Item Properties shortcut, Cmd-9, is next to the Sequence Settings shortcut, Cmd-0 on the keyboard.

  3. Click one of the Item Properties tabs to view the following properties:

    Format Displays the parameters of how this clip was captured.

    Timing Displays the media length, In and Out points (if any), clip speed, and so on.

    Logging Displays logged information about the item that you entered while capturing it, or in the Browser.

    Some properties can be changed in the Item Properties window and some can't. Changing clip properties is discussed in Lesson 12.

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