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Dynamically Resizing the Interface

Editing is a dynamic process. Sometimes you want more Timeline room to add tracks, and a few edits later you may need a larger Canvas to screen an effect, or perhaps a larger Browser to organize your project clips. With Final Cut Pro, you can choose a preset window layout and then change it dynamically.

To Dynamically Resize the Interface Windows

  1. Move your pointer over a horizontal or vertical window boundary.
  2. When the pointer becomes a double arrow tool, drag the window boundary up and down, or left and right.

To Dynamically Resize the Timeline Tracks

  1. Move the pointer over an audio or video Timeline track boundary line.
  2. Drag the track line up or down to increase or decrease the track height.
  3. To set all the tracks to the same height, hold down Shift as you drag.
  4. To set just the video or just the audio tracks to the same height, hold down Option as you drag.
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