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Lesson Review

  1. What are three ways you can launch Final Cut Express HD?
  2. What are the four primary windows that make up the interface?
  3. What does it mean when a menu option is dimmed?
  4. What are the four modifier keys you use for keyboard shortcuts?
  5. What modifier key do you use to access a shortcut menu?
  6. What are three ways you can create a new bin?
  7. Which Browser view shows you a thumbnail image of the footage?
  8. How can you organize and group project elements together?
  9. How do you return your interface windows to the Standard layout?
  10. How do you dynamically adjust a window size in the interface?
  11. How can you hide the Final Cut Express HD interface? How do you restore it?
  12. How do you quit Final Cut Express HD?


  1. You can double-click the application in the Applications folder, click once on the icon in the Dock, or double-click a Final Cut Express HD project file.
  2. The Browser, Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline windows.
  3. The appropriate window may not be selected or active.
  4. The Shift, Control, Option, and Command (Apple) keys.
  5. The Control key. You can also right-click using a two-button mouse.
  6. Choose File > New > Bin; press Cmd-B; or Ctrl-click in the gray area under the Name column in the Browser window and choose New Bin.
  7. Any of the View as Icon views.
  8. Create bins for different categories, such as Audio, Video, Sequences, and so on, then drag similar icons into the appropriate bins.
  9. Choose Window > Arrange > Standard.
  10. Move the pointer over a window boundary line. When the resize pointer appears, drag the line to the desired position.
  11. To hide it, choose Final Cut Express HD > Hide Final Cut Express HD, or press Cmd-H. To restore it, click the application icon in the Dock.
  12. Choose Final Cut Express HD > Quit Final Cut Express HD, or press Cmd-Q.

Keyboard Shortcuts


Creates a new bin


Brings up different shortcut menus throughout Final Cut Express HD


Hides the Final Cut Express HD interface


Quits Final Cut Express HD

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