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Managing Keywords

Along with titles, comments, and ratings, you can assign keywords to your photos. First, you must learn how to create, rename, and delete keywords. Before performing these tasks, open iPhoto's Preferences window by choosing Preferences (cmdcomma.gif) from the iPhoto menu, and then click the Keywords tab.

To create a keyword:

  1. Click the + button.

    iPhoto creates a new untitled keyword (Figure 3.44).

    Figure 3.44

    Figure 3.44 Add, remove, and rename keywords in the Keywords pane of iPhoto's Preferences window.

  2. Name the new keyword.

To rename a keyword:

  1. Either double-click a keyword or select one and click the Rename button.
  2. Enter the new name.

To delete a keyword:

  • Select a keyword and click the – button.

    iPhoto deletes the keyword immediately.

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