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I have been a big fan of Stickies for as long as I’ve been a Mac user. Like actual post-it notes, Stickies enable you to make notes to yourself—be they to-do notes and lists, a temporary place to store someone’s contact information, a place to stick ideas for upcoming projects before you get into serious planning, a place to copy interesting quotes or facts you find online, and pretty much anything else you can think of that you might want to save or remind yourself of but don’t want to save to a file. Stickies also offer the advantage of displaying whenever Stickies is open and not being saved to a file someplace on your hard drive. This works great for me because I’d forget about some of the notes I make on Stickies if I saved them in some file or other (much like the post-it notes stuck to my desk or dry erase board).

The problem: the contents of Stickies are not stored in a format that can be synced among multiple Macs. The solution: dotNotes, which creates virtual post-it notes that look almost the same as Stickies. You can choose the note color and transparency as well as text formatting (just like Stickies), but you can also choose where the backend files for the notes are stored—on a local drive or on your iDisk. When you install dotNote on multiple computers setup with the same .Mac account, your notes are always in sync between those computers. Update the note on one Mac, log in to another, and you’ll see the same version of it.

dotNotes actually extends the use of virtual post-it notes a little bit beyond keeping them synced across multiple computers. If you have multiple computers using the same .Mac account, anyone using those computers has the same set of notes. This gives you a way of leaving virtual notes for other members of your family. It can also be used as a professional collaborative tool.

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