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Printing a Booklet

Sometimes, when proofing a document, it's useful to turn a PDF file into a booklet. When you choose this feature, Acrobat prints your document two pages per sheet of paper, double-sided, reordering the pages as needed to make a booklet (Figures 3.23 and 3.24).

Figure 3.23

Figure 3.23 To turn a four-page document into a booklet, Acrobat prints pages 4 and 1 on one side of the paper and pages 2 and 3 on the other.

Figure 3.24

Figure 3.24 Fold the paper to make your booklet. For longer documents, stack the paper, and staple the stack in the middle before folding.

To print a document as a booklet

  1. Select File > Print.

    Acrobat will display the Print dialog box.

  2. In the Page Scaling pop-up menu, choose Booklet Printing.

    Acrobat displays additional controls beneath the Page Scaling pop-up menu (Figure 3.25). As always, the Preview reflects the new arrangement of the pages.

    Figure 3.25

    Figure 3.25 When you choose Booklet Printing, Acrobat displays additional controls that let you specify the details.

  3. In the "Booklet subset" pop-up menu, choose "Front side only" or "Back side only" (Figure 3.26) if you want to print only one side of each sheet of paper.

    Figure 3.26

    Figure 3.26 Printing the front and back sides separately allows you to print a booklet on a printer that doesn't print double-sided.

    These options let you print a booklet on a printer that can't print double-sided. You can print the front sides of all the pages, put the paper back into the printer, and then print the back sides.

  4. In the "Sheets" fields, type the beginning and end of the range of paper sheets you want to print.

    Confusingly, putting a zero in both of these fields means "print all the sheets." This is what you'll usually want.

  5. In the Binding pop-up menu, specify whether the booklet will be bound on the left or the right.
  6. Click OK.

    Acrobat prints your document as a booklet.

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