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Printing a Document

Visions of the paperless office notwithstanding, PDF is routinely used to distribute printed documents. After you open a PDF file and peruse it on screen, you may want to print it for reading at your leisure.

To print a PDF document

  1. Choose File > Print, or click the Print tool in the File toolbar.

    Acrobat will present you with the Print dialog box (Figure 3.11).

    Figure 3.11

    Figure 3.11 The Print dialog box lets you choose among a wide range of options. In most cases, the default values work fine.

  2. Choose the options you want.

    In most cases, you can accept the default values for these controls. Most of them are at least occasionally important, however, and we'll discuss them next.

  3. Click OK.

    Acrobat prints your document.

Miscellaneous settings

  • Print to file (Windows). This is a standard Windows check box that tells Acrobat to send the printer code to a file rather than to the printer. This option is used in professional printing to capture PostScript code for the document.
  • Print color as black (Windows). This option converts colors to black. It may be useful if you're printing diagrams with a lot of thin, light-colored lines.
  • Printing Tips. If you're connected to the Internet, clicking this button launches your Web browser and takes you to troubleshooting tips in Adobe's Knowledgebase.
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