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Step 4: Setting Up the Email Notification Feature

If you already had a FeedBurner feed before beginning this article, log into your FeedBurner account, click the name of the feed in the My Feeds list, and click the Publicize tab. We should all be on the same page now.

The Publicize tab offers options for publicizing your feed. You can explore most of them on your own. Right now, the only one we’re interested in is Email Subscriptions. Click that button in the navigation bar to view its options (see Figure 4).

Figure 4

Figure 4 The Email Subscriptions setup page before subscriptions have been set up.

As Figure 4 shows, FeedBurner offers several options for notification. Before FeedBurner’s service was available, I tried FeedBlitz, with very little success. I’ve found that FeedBurner’s service is easiest to use and most reliable. If you want to try one of the others, be my guest, but please don’t ask me for help.

Make sure that the FeedBurner option is selected and then click Activate. The service is turned on, and the screen refreshes with code that you’ll need to put in your blog (see Figure 5).

Figure 5

Figure 5 The service is activated and FeedBurner displays custom code for your feed.

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