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Step 6: Testing Your Work

Time to test whether your efforts have paid off. Open your blog and use the form or link to subscribe to your feed. It’s a two-step process: You provide your email address, and then verify it. This approach prevents email addresses from being added to the subscription list by someone other than the subscriber.

Now you can sit back and let FeedBurner deliver notification of new content to your email box, just as it delivers it to other subscribers. This is a good way to monitor what FeedBurner does.

Exactly what does FeedBurner do? Each night, it checks to see what new posts have appeared in your RSS feed since the previous night. It takes the RSS feed content, formats it nicely, and delivers it as an email message to everyone on its list. The message has clickable links, so if you publish a summary feed (most people do), the email message recipient can click a link in the message to go right to the corresponding post. Recipients never get more than one message per day. If there weren’t any new posts since the previous night, FeedBurner doesn’t send a thing. It doesn’t send spam, either.

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