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Sandvox is another full-featured website-creation tool. It actually offers more options for creating pages and adding content than RapidWeaver, although its interface is not as straightforward, and even experienced bloggers and web designers will take a little while to get used to it (although a free video tutorial is available to walk you through the process of creating a website using Sandvox). Like RapidWeaver, Sandvox uses a number of themes/templates for creating pages (although Sandvox offers a more robust set).

Sandvox supports blogs, photo albums, file download, contact, movie, and site map pages as well as more generic pages that can be used for any purpose. It also includes items called pagelets that automatically add the code for common web and blog elements such as Digg buttons, bookmarks, Flickr badges, and various other individual elements and contact forms. Sandvox includes some drag-and-drop and direct page editing, making its page editing style similar to iWeb’s. It also includes the iLife Media Browser.

Sandvox supports publishing to .Mac, an FTP/SFTP server, a WebDAV server, or to a folder. It also supports publishing of the entire site or just items that have been updated since the last time it was published.

Although Sandvox is a great tool for developing complex websites easily and for including a great deal of page elements that are common on many sites and blogs (incorporating things such as Digg,, and Flickr), its blog interface is significantly less standard than other tools, including Blog.Mac, RapidWeaver, and iWeb. If you are looking for a flexible design tool that can incorporate a number of disparate page elements, Sandvox is a good tool to consider. If you are looking for a tool primarily for blogging, however, or if you want the simplest design tool possible, you might want to consider Blog.Mac or RapidWeaver first.

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