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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Creating a Photo Album

This Quick and Easy System Creates a Professional-Looking Photo Album

  1. Insert a Photo Album

    A photo album can hold multiple images on a single slide. In the Ribbon, click the Insert tab. From the Illustrations group, click the Photo Album icon and select New Photo Album.

  2. Import Your Photos

    Select Insert picture from: File/Disk button and navigate to the Chapter 3 folder that you copied to your computer. Select the Photos folder and then the 05 Album_Photos folder. Click in an empty area of the window and drag around all of the photo thumbnails in the folder. You’ll notice that the filenames for all of the images that you selected are now in the Pictures in Album Window.

  3. Organize Your Photos

    Click on a filename in the Pictures in album window and it will appear in the adjacent Preview window. You can specify the order of the photos in your album by selecting a photo and using the up and down arrow keys beneath the Pictures in album window to re-arrange their order A. If a photo needs to be rotated (such as image 7 DSC_0197), then select its filename and rotate it using the rotate clockwise or rotate counterclockwise buttons B.

  4. Review and Adjust

    Click on each filename In the Pictures in album window and adjust the brightness and contrast levels using the buttons below the Preview window A. Remove any duplicates or unwanted photos by selecting the filename and clicking the Remove button below the Pictures in album window B. Many times there will be a variety of different styles of photography or a wide range of colors. To make the entire album consistent with the historic approach of this presentation, select the ALL pictures black and white option C.

  5. Utilize Album Layout

    Click on Picture Layout and select 1 picture. This will center each photo on its own page A. Select Soft Edge Rectangle from the Frame shape drop-down menu. This will give each photo a feathered edge to help blend into the slide background. Look at the thumbnail representation to the right B. In the Theme menu click Browse. Navigate to the Sources folder inside the Chapter 3 folder that you copied to your computer. Select American_History_Album.thmx. If you would like to add a slide with a blank text box, there is also a New Text Box button to accommodate that. You’ll notice that if you select it, a new number will appear in your Pictures in album window titled Text Box.

  6. Create and Modify

    Click the Create button at the bottom of the window and let PowerPoint go to work A. A photo album is automatically created to the specifications that you selected B. Even though PowerPoint has automated this process, all of your photos remain editable. You can still click on them and make modifications using the Format tab. You can also cut and paste these slides into your main presentation.ICON TYPE

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