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Adjust Colors

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Most of the time, the colors in your photos are spot on. Still, sometimes even the smartest camera gets fooled. Maybe the white balance is set for outdoors and you’re inside, perhaps a flash has turned a scene cold, or nearby objects have reflected odd colors onto faces. Scanned photos or faded family shots may need some correction or rejuvenation. Before using the Standard Edit mode’s color tools covered here, first try the Auto button in the Quick Fix Color palette, as explained on page 31. If you haven’t already checked your monitor’s settings and calibration, see page 9 before digging into this chapter.

Set Color Management

Few things are as subjective as color perception. What’s deep blue to you may look purple to me. To cope with this issue, manufacturers have created numerical color profiles for every image source (your computer, scanner, camera) and color output device (monitor or printer). Using this color management feature (sometimes called an ICC profile), Photoshop Elements embeds a color profile in each of your images. It’s not perfect, but the idea is to keep colors from fluctuating as your photo moves from camera to monitor to Web page or snapshot.

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