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Open Files

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  1. Opening Files from Illustrator
  2. Using Bridge
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  • In this chapter you'll learn how to open files via the Open command and via Bridge, a standalone program that works with all the programs in the Adobe Creative Suite. You'll also learn how to use Bridge to label, sort, assign keywords to, find, rename, and delete files—among other tasks.

Opening Files from Illustrator

You can follow the instructions on this page to open Illustrator (ai) files using the Open command in Illustrator. Or if you'd prefer to use the Bridge application to open files, as we do, read the next section. For instructions on opening files in other formats, such as EPS or PDF, see page 278.

To Open a File from Illustrator

  1. Choose File > Open (Cmd-O/Ctrl-O).


    Or if the Adobe Illustrator CS2 welcome screen is displaying onscreen, click the Open Document icon.

  2. In Mac, to list files only in the formats Illustrator can read, choose Enable: All Readable Documents. In Windows, to list all files, readable or not, choose Files of type: All Formats, or choose a format.
  3. Locate and highlight a file name one.giftwo.gif, then click Open. If an alert dialog box about a missing profile appears, see page 61; for the Font Problems dialog box, see the sidebar on page 54; and for an alert dialog box about a linked image file, see page 285. To learn about updating legacy text (text from earlier program versions), see pages 240–241.

To Open a File from the Mac Desktop or from Windows Explorer

Double-click an Illustrator file icon. In Mac, you can also open an file by dragging its icon over the Adobe Illustrator CS2 appplication icon on the Dock. Illustrator will launch if it isn't already running.

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