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Create the Stocks Table

The Stocks table will be used to record dividends and interest for your stocks and mutual funds. The table below shows the fields we’ll create for the Stocks

Field Name







Indexed (minimal)

Dividend Date


Creation Date

Last Modified


Modification Date; Prohibit modification



Numeric only; Always validate



Numeric only; Always validate

  • squ_1.gif With Investment Minder open, choose File > Define > Database. The Define Database dialog box appears.
  • squ_2.gif Click the Tables tab at the top of the dialog box. Enter Stocks in the Table Name text box, and then click Create.
  • squ_3.gif Click the Fields tab. Ensure that Stocks is the current table, define the fields listed in the table above, set the field options, and click OK.
  • squ_4.gif In Layout mode, select the Stocks layout from the layouts pop-up menu at the top of the status area. We’ll modify this default layout to make it look like the Savings layout.
  • squ_5.gif Set the Header, Body, and Footer fill colors to match the colors shown on page 26. Use the Size palette to set the height of the Header to 0.444", the Body to 4.444", and the Footer to 0.444".
  • squ_6.gif Select only the fields. Format them as Arial, 10 pt., black text, white fill color, Engraved effect, left aligned. Set the height of each field to 0.236". Make sure that a black border surrounds each field (Format > Field/Control > Borders), as explained on page 27.
  • squ_7.gif Select only the field labels. Format them as Arial, 12 pt., bold, black text. Set their height to 0.236" to match the height of the fields.
  • squ_8.gif Perform Steps 8–11 from pages 49–50.
  • squ_9.gif Drag the Identifier label into the left edge of the Header. Set its font color to white. Use the Text Tool to add a colon (:) to the end of the label.
  • squ_10.gif Format the Identifier field as Arial, 12 pt., bold, white text. Set the fill pattern to transparent and the effect to None. Remove the field borders. Change the field’s width to 3.264". Drag it into position beside its label in the Header.
  • squ_12.gif Use Format > Number to apply a currency format to the Dividend and Interest fields. Use Format > Date to apply our standard Date format to Dividend Date.
  • squ_13.gif Save the layout changes by choosing Layouts > Save Layout.
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