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Place the New Fields

The new fields will all go on tab panels of the Main layout.

  • squ_1.gif Switch to Layout mode, and select the Main layout from the layouts menu.
  • squ_2.gif On the tab control, click the Savings/Money Market tab. Select the Sav_Initial Balance label and field, and choose Edit > Duplicate (cmdd_ctrd.gif).
  • squ_3.gif Drag the duplicate label and field, positioning them directly below the original Sav_Initial Balance field.
  • squ_4.gif Double-click the duplicate Sav_Initial Balance field. The Field/Control Setup dialog box appears. Select Sav_Current Balance from the field list, make sure Create label is not checked, and click OK. The duplicate field is replaced by the Sav_Current Balance field.
  • squ_5.gif Select the Sav_Current Balance field on the layout and format it as bold. Edit the field label to read Current Balance.
  • squ_6.gif Switch to the Stock/Mutual Fund tab panel.
  • squ_7.gif Select the Stk_Commission and Stk_Total Cost fields and labels on the right side of the tab control. Choose Edit > Duplicate.
  • squ_8.gif Drag the duplicates down into the next section. Use the Size palette to align the top of the first duplicate with the Stk_Current Price field.
  • squ_9.gif Now we’ll substitute new fields for the duplicates. Double-click the Stk_Commission duplicate, select Stk_Current Value as the replacement field, ensure that Create label is not checked, and click OK.
  • squ_10.gif Use the same procedure to replace the Stk_Total Cost duplicate with the Stk_Change in Value field.
  • squ_11.gif Edit the two labels to read Current Value and Gain/Loss (including div/int).
  • squ_12.gif Because both of the new fields are important, make them bold so they’ll stand out.
  • squ_13.gif Switch to the CD tab panel.
  • squ_14.gif Duplicate the CD_Term label and field. Drag the duplicates directly beneath the originals. Double-click the duplicate CD_Term field and replace it with CD_Current Value, making sure that Create label is not checked.
  • squ_15.gif Select the CD_Current Value field on the layout and format it as bold. Choose Format > Number and apply the standard currency settings to the field.
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