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Preparing to Edit

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This chapter is from the book

This chapter is from the book

Opening Images

You can open your images in Capture NX in many ways, and which one is right for you is largely a matter of personal preference. (I'm assuming you've already transferred your images to your computer, a topic covered in detail in Chapter 3, Interface and Basic Workflow.")

Capture NX can open TIFF files, JPEG files, or Nikon NEF files. I'll have much more to say about NEF files in Chapter 5, Basic Image Editing."

Opening with the Browser

As you saw in the previous chapter, Capture NX's Browser palette lets you see thumbnail views of all of the images in a folder. In addition, you can add ratings to your images to easily sort out the ones that you want to edit. Once you find an image in the Browser that you'd like to begin editing, simply double-click on it or drag it into the NX window to open it in Capture NX.

The Open Image Command

The Open Image command (File > Open Image) works just like the Open commands in any other application. Choose it, and you'll be presented with your operating system's standard Open dialog box, which lets you navigate to the file that you want to open. Select the file and click the Open button to open it in Capture NX.

Open Recent

Under the File menu you'll also find an Open Recent command, which lists the last nine documents that you've opened. You can simply select one of these items to reopen the document.

The Welcome Dialog Box

When you launch Capture NX, the program displays a dialog box that lists the last ten images that you've opened. Click one of these images and Capture NX opens it. The Open Recent Browser section of the dialog box shows the last ten folders that you've viewed in the Browser palette. You can click one of these folders to automatically browse that folder (Figure 4.9).

Figure 4.9

Figure 4.9 Capture NX's welcome screen provides single-click shortcuts to recently opened documents and folders. You can deactivate this screen by checking the Don't Show Again check box and reopen it later by choosing Help > Show Welcome Screen.

In the New section, you'll find options for invoking the program's Open dialog box and Open Folder in Browser dialog box. You can also drag an image from your desktop into the "Drag an image here to open it" portion of the dialog box to open it immediately.

If you'd rather not be presented with the Welcome dialog box, click the "Don't show again" check box.

Opening from Your OS

Of course, you can also open images in Capture NX using all of the normal mechanisms provided by your operating system.

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