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Calendar, Contact, and Project Management

Now Up-To-Date & Contact

Now Up-To-Date & Contact has been a top-notch contact and calendar solution for Mac users—and with good reason. It offers an excellent user interface; gives support for both Macs and Windows; enables syncing to PDAs, iPods, and mobile phones; enables web publishing; and offers a free server tool for multi-user contact lists and calendars. All these features combine to make it a great solution for small businesses.


MarketCircle’s Daylite is a combined contact/calendar manager and project management solution that provides shared contacts and calendars, as well as intuitive project management and organizational tools. Daylite offers a unique interface for tracking projects and client interactions that covers every aspect from initial call through completion and it combines this feature seamlessly with its contact management and calendar functionality. It also integrates extremely well with Apple’s Mail and iCal applications, making for a very robust solution.

SOHO Organizer and SOHO Notes

SOHO Organizer and Notes, produced by Chronos, are two separate tools that integrate well to offer a complete single- or multi-user solution for calendar and contact management (Organizer) and for shared information management (Notes). Organizer offers a number of powerful features including PDA/phone/iPod syncing; contact linking; call logging; and integration with other applications such as Google Maps/MapQuest, Mail, and iCal. Notes provides a broad system for sharing and organizing text, web, and multi-media information. IT also provides a range of ways to use that information—from blogging to iPod syncing, linking with contacts, and calendar items. Both products offer syncing via Apple’s .Mac service and integration with SOHO Print Essentials, a tool for printing business stationary.

FastTrack Schedule

AEC Software’s cross-platform FastTrack Schedule is a project management tool that offers focuses on being a project management tool. It offers built-in sample projects, calculations, and scripting tools to help users get up and running quickly. A very solid product, Fast Track focuses on the core needs of its users and is available in both single- and multi-user versions.

xTime Project

xTime Project by app4Mac is another tool that focuses on being an excellent project management solution. It provides a rich series of features and management/monitoring features, including web access, easy interaction with Microsoft Project files, integration with Address Book and iCal, security features, and a very polished interface that offers a range of ways to view information about current projects.

Project X

Project X is a project management tool that will appeal to many users (particularly those who have never used project management tools and want a short learning curve) because of its natural feel and easy-to-use interface. It takes advantage of many of Mac OS X’s features by using personal web sharing to create an easy-toduse web interface, Dashboard widgets for monitoring projects, and integrates with both Mail/Address Book and iCal. It seems particularly well suited to smaller businesses and self-employed individuals.

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