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6. Cream of the Crop

Not everything in an image is useful, but Preview can be used to crop the image down to the good stuff. First, drag the cursor across the region of interest. Notice that the cursor changes from an arrow to a crosshair when you do this. If you haven’t centered the region perfectly, place the cursor inside the bounded area and move it as required, during which time the cursor changes from the crosshair to a hand. The round "knobs" at the corners of the selected region and midway along each of the four sides can be moved to resize the selection.

While resizing the region, hold down the Option key to see the size of the selected region in pixels. Hold down the Shift key while resizing the selection, and it switches from being a rectangle to a square. Once you’re done, press the Crop button on the toolbar (or else use the Command+K shortcut) to trim the image down to the desired size and shape.

Figure 6

Figure 6 Drag the cursor across the region of interest; then press the Crop button to trim the image down to size.

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