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Help From Above

Many businesses and ISPs use their own spam-filtering software that marks potential spam with extra header codes, but by default Mail doesn’t take advantage of these. Once again, peeking at the hidden headers will reveal them. You can then create filters that will recognize a particular header and the warning codes that go with it. In the example figured here, a header added by the mail server, X-Rbl-Warning contains the text NOLEGITCONTENT on spam messages. By adding a new header (X-Rbl-Warning) and then a criterion for the filter to search for (NOLEGITCONTENT), any such messages can be immediately sent to the Junk folder.

The spam filters used by corporate networks and ISPs often have the edge here because they use filters such as Realtime Block Lists to identify and tag incoming spam e-mail, making them more responsive to new sources of spam than Mail’s built-in filter, which has to learn from experience.

Figure 6

Figure 6 Create filters that recognize the spam warning headers added by your mail server or ISP to take advantage of their industrial strength spam control.

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