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How To Buy and Rent Media To Play on Your Apple TV
May 2, 2008
In this excerpt from The Apple TV Pocket Guide, Second Edition, author Jeff Carlson tells you how to buy cool stuff to watch on your Apple TV using either your computer or the Apple TV itself.
Inside Numbers: How Apple Does Spreadsheets
Nov 9, 2007
Ryan Faas tells you all about Apple’s new Numbers spreadsheet program, which is flexible and powerful enough for consumers and small businesses (and some larger businesses, too).
Making the Most of Apple Mail
Jun 15, 2007
At first glance, Mail seems to be a simple e-mail client, but there is quite a lot of power beneath its Spartan exterior. In time-honored Apple fashion, though, you do have to root around a bit to really get the most out of Mail. Neale Monks shows you how to use Mail's filters to keep out more spam along with other useful Mail tricks that you’ll soon find yourself using all the time.