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Managing files

To create a new folder

  1. Via the Folders panel or via the Look In menu at the top of the Bridge window, navigate to the folder that you want to place the new folder in.
  2. Click the New Folder button new_folder_button.jpg at the top of the window, type a name in the highlighted field, then press Enter/Return.

To delete files

  1. Click a thumbnail (or Ctrl-click/Cmd-click multiple thumbnails or Shift-click a series of thumbnails), then press Ctrl-Backspace/Cmd-Delete.
  2. Click OK. Beware! You can also delete a whole folder full of files. To retrieve a deleted file or folder, double-click the Recycle Bin/Trash icon for the operating system, then drag the item into the Content panel in Bridge.

To rename a file

  1. Click a thumbnail, then click the file name; text to the left of the period will become highlighted.
  2. Type a new name B (don’t try to delete the extension), then press Enter/Return or click outside the name field.

When you download digital photos from your camera to your computer, they keep the sequential numerical labels (e.g., “CRW-0016”) that were assigned to them by your camera. To help you identify your photos, you can give them more recognizable names (e.g., “Dancer” or “Dog”) via the Batch Rename command in a few quick steps.

To batch-rename files

  1. In Bridge, click then Shift-click a series of consecutive thumbnails, or Ctrl-click/Cmd-click nonconsecutive thumbnails, or press Ctrl-A/ Cmd-A to select all the thumbnails in the current window.
  2. Choose Tools > Batch Rename (Ctrl-Shift-R/ Cmd-Shift-R). The Batch Rename dialog box opens.A
  3. For the Destination Folder, choose:
    • Rename in Same Folder to rename the files and leave them in their current location.
    • Move to Other Folder to rename the files and move them to a new location.
    • Copy to Other Folder to leave the original files unchanged and rename the copies in the new location—this is a quick and easy way to duplicate your photos. We recommend using this option, especially if you didn’t duplicate your files when you downloaded them.
    • For the Move or Copy option, click Browse, choose or create a new folder location, then click OK/Choose.
  4. For New Filenames, do either of the following:
    • Choose an option from one of the menus in the left-hand column. Text lets you enter text for the new file names (probably the best choice); Current Filename lets you modify the original name; and Sequence Number and Sequence Letter let you include a number or letter that increments from file name to file name (enter a starting number or letter).
    • Click the plus_button.jpg button to add another row of criteria fields; click the minus_button.jpg button to remove a row of fields.
    • The current and new names will be listed in the Preview area at the bottom of the dialog box.
  5. For Options: Compatibility, check any other operating system that you want your renamed files to be compatible with.
  6. Click Rename.
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